Monday, August 19, 2013

It's time to go

I just got back to work after a full week off for a summer stay-cation with the family. It turns out I was very relaxed. I didn't miss my job In fact, I've been very seriously a drastic career change the past few months.

Anyway, my first support call comes in this morning at 9:10 from one of my favorite employees. She's a super sexy Asian woman. And I like her. Fun to banter with and she's overly flirty with me, which I need in order to feel better about myself. However, her call confirmed for me that it's time to get the fuck out of this profession. On top of that, she went from a 9 to a 4 with her call. Here's a transcript from my shady memory:

*phone rings*
Me: "Hey, baby."
Hottie: "Hi! How are you? Um, is there something wrong with the Internet this morning?"
Me: "Not that I know of. Why?"
Hottie: "Because it's, like, acting, like, all retarded."
Me: "So, the Internet is retarded?"
Not-So-Hot Anymore: "Yeah. Well, you know what I mean? Can you, like, look into it?"
Me: "Of course I will. Bye."

My company was recently sold. The CEO walked away with over $200M (hey, he did earn it. He started the company over 20 years ago.) What's my purpose here again?

BTW, no, I'm not going to look into it. My boss still thinks a 10 Mb line is OK for 100+ users. Nothing I can do here.