Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Reading Is Fundamental

I'm lucky enough to be out of the office for a week. Just being away from the building helps my mental health. Not only am I away, I'm training in something that really interests me. Of course even while I'm away the stupidity of my users follows me around.

I was dumb enough to check my email and I noticed that a particular user (a VP, of course), is not happy with me or my response to an issue she's having with her phone. Here's the kicker, she REPLIED TO MY OUT OF OFFICE EMAIL!!! The out of office email clearly states that I'm gone until the 21st. She emailed me this morning!! I tried to give her the benefit of the doubt, I really did. I went so far that I even checked my email server to make sure the queues aren't backed up. Guess what? They're not. She's really just an idiot making a quarter million a year.

Is it that difficult to read the email and digest its meaning? I actually wrote it in English, not Klingon or Kryptonian. I hate stupid people. More so, I hate that I WORK WITH MONKEYS!! <<Bangs Head On Desk>>